Current Major Projects

Horizontally-Explicit Vertically-Implicit Runge-Kutta Methods for Atmospheric Models
Torchinsky, J., & Taylor, M.
Multi-Model Communication Using Kalman Filter-Based Strategies
Torchinsky, J., & Stechmann, S.

Previous Major Projects

EZ PARALLEL: An MPI Fortran Module for Easing Finite-Difference/Spectral Code Parallelization
Torchinsky, J., & Stechmann, S.

Previous Minor Projects

EZDFFTPACK: A Collection of Wrappers for DFFTPACK
Torchinsky, J.

Undergraduate Theses

Elementary Computational Fluid Dynamics Using Finite Difference Methods
LaBrake, S., & Torchinsky (formerly Turner), J.
Introduction to Computational Topology Using Simplicial Persistent Homology
Torchinsky (Formerly Turner), J., Johnson, B., & Gasparovic, E. .